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Mitsu Rajda
On Common Ground
A holistic approach to resolving conflicts

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Our Holistic Approach

There are many approaches to Mediation. The Mediators generally use evaluative, transformative or facilitative approach or use a combination or all of them. We at On Common Ground believe in a holistic approach to Mediation. It is an integration of approaches under the umbrella of holistic mediation by harvesting the synergy of all efforts related to conflict management.

People are not just a bundle of problems to us. We believe that the whole is more than just the sum of the parts. This synergistic approach affords everybody the ability and motivation to do more with what little is available because this synergy simply creates more for all. Most of all, we strive to maintain the dignity and integrity of human relationships.

Holistic mediation is also an active and empowering approach. Mediation is all about self-determination. We strive to empower the parties by giving them the tools to march towards self-determined outcomes. We believe that almost all disputes can be resolved outside the court if the parties are determined to do so.

Your determination and our holistic approach is bound to result in a win-win situation for all.

Let us meet...................On Common Ground! 

Mitsu Rajda is a Commercial, civil and family mediator who prides in her holistic approach to helping her clients resolve conflicts in the “least antagonistic manner”. She treats her clients as whole human beings, not as a sum of their problems and respects the synergy between their interactions with one another, with her and with the environment.  Mitsu Rajda employs the “keep it simple” mediation tactics to help her clients negotiate settlements in commercial, workplace, community and family matters. It is her belief that any dispute can be resolved across the table once the parties show the willingness and faith to reach the desired results. Mitsu believes that Mediation is an empowering exercise. She strongly believes in self-determination and treats all matters before her with utmost sincerity, honesty and professionalism.

Mitsu has worked in an international law firm doing corporate work. She also has experience in Products Liability, Personal injury, Landlord-tenant law and general civil litigation. She also ran her law firm Mitsu Rajda & Associates, Advocates & Notaries from 1999 till recently.

Apart from her legal background (law degrees from Bombay University and from Syracuse University College of Law), Mitsu is also an entrepreneur, running her own business successfully for the last ten years.

Mitsu Rajda is a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, Phi Alpha Delta, Asian American Heritage Council, the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, the National Organization for Women, American Bar Association, Morris County Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club International.

She is fluent in several SE Asian languages and in basic German. She actively devotes her time for community service.

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